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Athletes of the Meet: Lilou and Mason - All comers meet 1/21/24

Each track meet, Southern Sprinters recognizes one male and one female athlete for their exceptional performance in the meet and at practice. For the All Comers Meet held at Prince George’s Sports and Learning Complex on 1/21/24, our male athlete of the meet is Mason Johnson and our female athlete of the meet is Lilou Boudias. Please read about both of these superstars below. 

Photo by: Laurent Boudias @kililouphotography

Lilou, at just a mere six years old, competed in the 55m, 200m, and 400m. Coach Rohan timed her in every race, and she performed exceptionally well!

Lilou consistently demonstrates a positive and strong work ethic, a testament to the influence of her parents. She diligently applies herself during every practice session, and the reason behind her remarkable dedication goes way back. "Lilou started training with Coach Rohan a long time ago. When Lilou was in the womb, Rohan was her mom Ngozi's personal trainer, and she basically came out of the womb running!" Lilou's ability to excel in both track and field and soccer training is no surprise, given her early exposure to physical activity. Her parents emphasize the challenges of balancing two sports but commend Lilou for handling it exceptionally well. They express, "It's not easy to balance playing two sports, but she has done it very well. We try to support her in everything she does academically and athletically while still ensuring she has time to be a little girl because she's only six." Small but mighty perfectly describes young Lilou.

Moreover, Lilou earns the athlete of the meet title not just for her performance but also for her leadership at practice. She takes the initiative to lead stretches, recruits kids to join the team, and embodies the essence of a team player. Mentioning her name brings smiles to everyone because she radiates positivity within the team. Her parents proudly share that Lilou is "a good role model for her little brother, Louis, who also plays multiple sports (soccer and basketball), and we hope he joins her and the track family this year."

Photo by: Chantel Johnson

Mason joined the Southern Sprinters in August 2024, driven by a determination to achieve greatness, with unwavering support from his mother every step of the way. Following the conventional path of most athletes, Mason initially took on the 60m, 200m, and 400m. However, Coach Omar recognized a unique potential in him and guided him towards mastering the Long Jump. In a remarkably short period, Mason displayed extraordinary progress, relishing the process of learning to jump and honing his skills. Currently, he competes weekly in the long jump, facing off against 9-10 year olds with infectious enthusiasm and graceful athleticism.

Even at the tender age of 8, Mason consistently holds his own, fearlessly participating in competitions. At the All Comers Meet, despite a lack of recent long jump practice due to inclement weather, Mason remained undeterred. He showcased his best jumping abilities, and to everyone's surprise, excelled in the 200m and 400m races, achieving personal bests in both.

Beyond official meets and practices, Mason dedicates himself to refining his form, building endurance, and perfecting techniques at home alongside his supportive mother and uncle. Despite the demands of three weekly practices and additional home workouts on his off days, Mason defies expectations. "Can't is NOT in his vocabulary," his mother proudly shared. Setting and achieving goals drives Mason, understanding the importance of putting in the work at home. His mother's mantra, "your biggest competition is always going to be yourself," resonates with him, inspiring Mason to tirelessly surpass his own personal records each week.

By: Southern Sprinters Blogger

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