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Personal Bests, Medals, and National Rankings, Oh My!

Updated: Feb 1

The 2023 Grant Holloway Invitational in Virginia Beach, VA, marked a significant milestone for the Southern Sprinters Elite Track Club as we competed in our second track meet of the 2024 indoor season. 31 athletes from our developmental and elite squads competed, leaving with personal bests, medals, and national rankings. 

We observed a notable lineup of medalists. Leading the pack, 13-year-old Terrence secured an impressive four gold medals in the 60m, 200m, 400m, and 4x200. Right behind him, three remarkable athletes who earned three medals. First, 12-year-old Zayden earned two golds in the 60m and 200m, along with a silver in the 400m. 13-year-old Yeshua earned two silvers in the 60m and 400m, a bronze in the 200m, and a gold in the 4x200. Twelve-year-old Chase contributed to our medal count with a gold in the 400m, silver in the 200m, and bronze in the 800m. Several other boys on our team earned medals, including six-year-old Cruz with two silver medals in the 60m and 100m, while Malcolm and Isaiah added another gold by competing in our 4x200 relay for 13-14 boys. Lastly, newcomer, six-year-old Dylan secured a bronze in the 400m.

Our girls also excelled at this meet. Shelby secured a silver in the 400m, Layla impressed us all with a silver in the long jump, and Leila earned a bronze in the 60m. Madison contributed to our success with a bronze in the 200m, and last but not least, Taylor added to our medal count with a bronze in the 400m. The diverse array of medals showcases the depth of talent within our club, with each athlete making noteworthy contributions to our collective success at the meet.

The invitational not only provided a platform for young talents to shine but also garnered recognition in the national rankings. While the majority of our above mentioned medalists are nationally ranked, there are also other athletes worth highlighting. National rankings can be found on, compiling results from meets across the country. All age groups on national rankings use the athlete's age as of 12/31/24. Notably, 8-year-old Peyton Dillard achieved three personal bests in the 200m, 400m, and 800m, earning a notable 5th overall ranking in the 800m category for 8-year-olds. Brody Poyry demonstrated his skills with two personal best times in the 800m and the 1500m, securing a national ranking of 6th in the 800m and 2nd in the 1500m for 12-year-old boys. Newcomer Jovon stamped his ticket, ranking 6th nationally amongst 7-year-olds in the 60m.

For those interested in a detailed breakdown of the club's performance at the Grant Holloway Invitational, the results can be explored here. This link provides insights into each athlete's achievements, enriching the narrative of the club's success. For a full list of our athletes' accolades, please check out our Instagram @southernsprinterstrack.

As the curtain falls on the Grant Holloway Invitational, the Southern Sprinters Elite Track Club embraces the success achieved at this event by all of our hard-working athletes. The medals, personal bests, and national rankings set a promising tone for the remainder of the indoor season. With a commitment to showcasing the continued accomplishments of our athletes, the club eagerly anticipates our upcoming competitions.

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