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Southern Maryland Middle Schoolers Show Out at New Balance Indoor Nationals

The Southern Sprinters Elite Youth Track and Field Club embarked on an exhilarating journey, bringing seven exceptional middle schoolers from Maryland to the prestigious New Balance National Indoor Track Meet in Boston, MA. Renowned as one of the nation's most esteemed competitions, this event provided a platform for middle and high school athletes from across the country to vie for the coveted title of New Balance All-American. Southern Sprinters Elite made their inaugural appearance at this prestigious meet, offering their athletes the unique opportunity to test their mettle against the fastest young talents in the nation.

Photo By: Frances Henderson

The Southern Sprinters Elite Youth Track and Field Club's journey at the New Balance National Indoor Track Meet was nothing short of extraordinary, marked by outstanding performances that left a mark on the prestigious competition.

Terrence Dorsey

Leading the charge for the Southern Sprinters Elite, 8th grader Terrence Dorsey showcased his prowess on the track, seizing a silver medal in the 400m dash. Not content with just one triumph, Dorsey dominated the 60m semi-finals, winning his heat and securing a commendable 7th place overall in the 60m finals. This seasoned athlete, already an AAU All-American, now proudly adds the title of New Balance All-American to his list of accolades.

Madison Barnes

Hailing from Southern Maryland, 8th grader Madison Barnes demonstrated her speed and determination in both the 60m and 400m dashes. Barnes's remarkable achievement came in the 400m, where she not only secured 6th place overall but also set a new personal best with an impressive time of 58.57. This outstanding performance ranks among the top 400m times in the nation for her age group.

Photo by: Omar Tulloch Jr.

Yeshua McKinley

In a phenomenal display of speed, 8th grader Yeshua McKinley, earned the coveted title of New Balance All-American with a breathtaking performance in the 400m race. McKinley not only claimed the title but also achieved a new personal best of 53.03, showcasing his dedication and talent on the national stage.

Steffon Lyon

Steffon Lyon, a remarkable 7th grader, electrified the crowd with his standout performance in the 60m semi-finals. Lyon not only earned the top seed into the final but narrowly clinched a silver medal with a new personal best of 7.23 in the finals. This astonishing time ranks as the second fastest in his age group nationwide according to

Leila Wiseman

One of the youngest of the competitors, 6th grader Leila Wiseman, took the track by storm. Winning her 60m semi-final heat, she secured a spot in the finals, ultimately earning an impressive 6th place and the coveted title of New Balance All-American.

Photo by: Omar Tulloch Jr.

Layla Mitchell

Demonstrating versatility, Layla Mitchell, a 6th grader and the only member of the team to compete in three events, showcased her prowess across events. With a new personal best of 59.62 in the 400m, the fourth-fastest time among 6th graders in the 60m, and a 10th place finish in the long jump, Mitchell's performance was nothing short of remarkable.

Kenae Fullwood

The youngest member of the team, 6th grader Kenae Fullwood, displayed remarkable speed in the 60m, earning the third-fastest time among 6th graders in the race.

It is clear Southern Sprinters Elite Youth Track and Field Club has etched their name into the annals of youth athletics with an awe-inspiring display of talent, determination, and sportsmanship. The seven remarkable middle schoolers from Maryland not only embraced the challenge of competing against the nation's best but soared to new heights, leaving a lasting impression on the competition.

From Terrence Dorsey's silver medal in the 400m to Madison Barnes setting a new personal best in the 400m dash and Yeshua McKinley earning the title of New Balance All-American, each athlete's contribution played a crucial role in the team's success. Steffon Lyon's electrifying performance in the 60m finals, Leila Wiseman's outstanding sprinting prowess, Layla Mitchell's versatile achievements in three events, and Kenae Fullwood's impressive speed all contributed to a collective triumph that goes beyond medals and accolades.

This journey wasn't just about winning titles; it was a testament to the power of hard work, resilience, and the unwavering support within the Southern Sprinters Elite family. The coaches, parents, and teammates rallied behind each athlete, fostering an environment where dreams could flourish.

Photos by Shonnie Garcia

As the Southern Sprinters Elite return home, they carry with them not only medals and titles but also a newfound confidence and belief in their potential. The impact of their performance at the New Balance Nationals extends beyond the track, serving as an inspiration for aspiring young athletes and a source of pride for their community.

If you would like to know more about the Southern Sprinters, check out their instagram @southernsprinterstrack

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